SENSORY Software

A freeware program for parents and teachers

Edited and Arranged by Robert G Taylor, Ed.S

Outreach Services,  Kansas State School for the Blind


Applications developed in a flash format by:

SENSwitcher Program and Documentation
Northern Grid for Learning 2001




Keys to remember:

M : Takes you back to the menu screen once the games are running
Alt +F4 (PC), Apple +W (Mac) : Closes the launched activity window




Level 1 : Shapes
10 animated shapes which do not require user input. The shapes range from a single star to a square morphing into a triangle.

Level 2 : Patterns
10 animated patterns which do not require use input. The patterns range from linear stripes which track up the screen to tunnelling concentric circles.


1 press


Level 1 : Patterns
1 press activated animations.

Level 2 : Objects
1 press activated animations. The 10 objects are ball, kite, clock, drum, cloud, running man, rainbow, rocket, football, sun.


3 press


Level 1 : Patterns
10 animated patterns which build with 3 presses. The patterns range from squares building left to right, to rings building up the screen.

Level 2 : Objects
10 animated objects which build across the screen with 3 presses. The objects are drums, telephone, jelly, crisps, clock, whistle, bomb, ghost, balloon and musical notes.


5 press

Level 1 : Linear Patterns
10 animated linear patterns which built up with 5 presses. The emphasis is on directional movement (up/down, left/right)

Level 2 : Tunnelling Patterns
10 animated tunnelling patterns. A range of shapes which build in a variety of ways.

Level 3 : Scenes
10 animated scenes. The scenes are based around the following objects: spaceship, parachute, car, aeroplane, skiing, ufo, fish, tractor, lift, fairground.




Level 1 : Shape/Animals with sound
4 animated shapes and 4 animated animals from the activites below which are activated when the user presses when the shape pops on screen, accompanied by a sound.

Level 2 : Shapes
8 animated shapes which are activated when the user presses when the shape pops on screen. The shapes are circle, star, four directional arrows, triangle and diamond.

Level 3 : Animals
8 animated animals which are activated when the user presses when the animal pops on screen. The animals are horse, cow, dog, pig, duck, frog, bee and mouse.



Level 1 : Shape/Objects
10 shapes and objects which move in a variety of directions across the screen with animations that are activated if the user presses when the object moves into the target area.

Level 2 : Scenes
10 scenes where the user receives an animation reward if the user activates at the right time. Objects align in both horizontal and vertical directions.



8 activities which involve making a choice. Activities range from choosing between a circle and square to selecting a bomb from 1 of 3 slots.